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Brad Mules –

Vice President

Pat Auld –


Neil Jones –


Daniel Hoper –

Miniroos Registrar

Tony Ounpraseuth –

Junior Registrar

Elouise Auld –

Senior Registrar:

Josh Williams –

Social and FundRaising Officer:

Jessica Fuller –

Media Officer :

Leigh Rice –

Equipment Officer :

This year we are introducing delegate roles for each grade. The addition of this position into the club management structure is intended to provide the following benefits.

A single and focused point of contact for players and supporters who would like to bring forward opportunities or ideas for improvement to the club.

A structured pathway for those opportunities and ideas to progress to club meetings.

A dedicated officer to manage and support these ideas and opportunities.

Miniroos Delegate

Tony Ounpraseuth –

Junior Delegate

Elouise Auld –

Women’s Delegate

Jessica Fuller and Maddi Tierney –

Men’s Delegate

Josh Williams –


2023 Winter Competition Registration

Registration is now open. Macquarie United Football Club would like to welcome back all new and returning players.

Dubbo Macquarie United Football Club 2023 Price List


2023 Winter Competition Registration

Registration is now open.

Don’t forget that the active kids rebate is available to help with the fees.